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[T&B] Azcom & Crazy9 - kimi wa ona pet



Title: kimi wa ona pet
Circle: Azcom (Uchida Mao) & Crazy9 (Ichitaka)
Pairing: Barnaby/Kotetsu
Pages: 30
Rating: NC-17

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Barely a percentage of my feels from the new trailer. I just want to draw Barnaby’s new outfit with him and Kotetsu drifting apart concept… something like that. Not yet ready to draw Ore-sama dude maybe later orz

Certainly Oji-san will rise above all this! I think we will able to see a normal, kinda calm and maybe a bit depressed Kotetsu so I can’t wait XD sketch spree shall continue after some nap… zzzZZzzz

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Tiger & Bunny: The Rising [x]

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Aren’t Kotetsu and Barnaby holding hands&#160;???


Aren’t Kotetsu and Barnaby holding hands ???

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I need time to think….
I’m pretty shocked right now…too many feelings to deal with!

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Strix Moonwing Musings: First 24 Hours after T&B The Rising trailer... ↘


State of Fandom at moment:


They replaced Kotetsu….They replaced Kotetsu…They replaced Kotetsu…


Don’t worry guys…its just for the movie plot…its just for character development…it’s just to show how much Bunny and Tiger need each other…haha…yeah…just for that…not to reduce us to tears….not…

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Starry: T&B The Rising Info Translated ↘


>Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and Barnaby Brooks Jr. both retired once, but now have returned to being heroes. For a few months they have been performing in the 2nd league, the days are passing as they’re having their usual quarrels while protecting the city from incidents.

> In the middle of this,…

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Who the hell is that another blond guy?! 

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